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Vagas de Emprego Teacher

English Teacher – Sao Jose Dos Campos, SP Requisitos: involves teaching adults and teenagers whose first or main language is not English. teachers use a range of course books and materials, plus a variety of audiovisual aids. There’s a strong emphasis on dialogue and role-playing, but more formal exercises, and literature are also used. The content of lessons varies depending on the reason why the students are learning English, e.g. whether it’s for business use for adults, school work for children, and so on. The aim of each lesson is to encourage the students to communicate with each other using…


ENGLISH TEACHER – São José dos Campos Requisitos: College in languages or any certificate required. Atividades a Serem Desenvolvidas: We are looking for english teacher to work. Send an e-mail to: easycompsjc@hotmail.com Salário : R$ 18,00/hour. Benefícios Oferecidos : Vale Transporte Horário e Dias a Trabalhar : In the morning, afternoon and evening (flexible schedule). Interessados enviar currículo somente se estiver dentro do perfil da vaga de emprego para o email     easycompsjc@hotmail.com      com o assunto do email     English Teacher – Emprega São José

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